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So you are looking for a chance to get some experience under your belt? Maybe you are a self taught photographer and want a chance to pad out your portfolio? Perhaps you just need some exposure and a way to get your business cards in peoples pockets?

We are on the hunt for a key team of up and coming photographers to work as part of our stills crew at the Jacaranda Festival.

This festival is an amazing long standing staple community event in the Ipswich region run by a team of volunteersl. It is through their hard work and the support of sponsors that it is able to continue and grow each year.

Interested? We would love to have you.

What's involved?

Love, photos (and lots of them). This volunteer position is particularly important as these images are used to promote the festival each year and keep this community event alive!

The photography at the festival is divided up into 4 hour shifts, all you do is apply for the shift and position on the field that you want, bring your grear and get snapping.

All images are provided to the festival with unlimited commercial use, and you are welcome to use them for your own portfolio however you like as you retain ownership and copyright on the image.


(with extras)

Whilst the position is essentially a community volunteer you still have the opportunity to sell your images!

We ask our photographers to shoot in RAW format and at the conclusion of their shift, drop of copies of their images at our onsite field office.

Part of our responsibility to the festival is to provide images to their committee all edited to the style that they use for promotion.

For the images we edit, that sell through our online gallery, you will retain 60% of the value of the images/prints sold (after cost).

We also provide you with your own dedicated gallery with your image on it! This is where your images will be uploaded stylised in whatever editing style you like. You retain 100% of these image sales (after cost)!

Don't forget to bring your business cards! This is an amazing opportunity to get your card in potential clients pockets.


Ready to go?

Step 1 - Fill out the Registration below

Step 2 - You will be send an agreement by email to sign electronically

Step 4 - We will send you your field position, brief and instructions for upload

Step 5 - Turn up on the day and take photos! Before you leave drop off copies to the field office

Step 6 -  Edit and upload your images to your album

Step 7 - Get paid.

Jacaranda Festival Photographer Registr
Sunday Shift 2 (12:00pm-4:00pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Sunday Shift 1 ( 8am-12pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Saturday Shift 4 (8:00pm-11:00PM)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Saturday Shift 3 (4:00pm-8:00pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Saturday Shift 2 (12pm-4:00pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Saturday Shift 1 (8am-12pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Friday Shift 3 (8pm-11pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Friday Shift 2 (4pm-8pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival
Friday Shift 1 ( 12pm-4pm)
Goodna Jacaranda Festival